Both men and women hair differs in terms of texture length and style, so each gender should follow their own set of rule. There is quite some misconception about men’s hair that has been making the rounds for a while now, I am about to reveal the truth and nothing but the truth about these misconceptions. We had a chat with a hairstylist Elston Hayden and he gave us is expert opinion.

1st misconception: all styling products are created equal

Styling products each have their uniqueness, and some are of a better class than the others, if you use salt sprays you should know that it does a good job adding instant texture with little hold; pomades add extra shine and they are used for hairstyles that require refining with a comb; then you can use clays for textural styling and it also can give a matte finishing; but the pastes give you more firm grip and also a semi-shine finish.

The perfect toolkit for the job

Using an Original & Mineral K Gravel Texture Clay that is made of beeswax and soya wax to give grip, pumice stone for the extra texture, also Kaolin clay to give you that matte finish.

2nd misconception: Men need Haircuts every 6 weeks

When you take a critical look at men’s hairstyles you discover that they require more styling than women hairstyles and as such the men need to visit their hair stylist regularly to keep their hair looking fresh and neat I mean at least once every two to four weeks.

3rd misconception: All Hairdressers are the same

hairdressing is like an art, everybody can attempt, it but not everybody will be great at it, as it requires passion and zeal to be really good at it. Hayden says that “ a good hairdresser will give you a cut that works with the texture of your hair and the shape of you face, however, if you should decide to go for a $10 haircut you shouldn’t expect a $1000 result if you catch my meaning”.

4th  misconception: Men can use women’s hair-washing products

I honestly can’t categorically tell you a precise answer on this one, I must admit that I on the fence with this one, I mean it entirely depends on the particular product that the woman uses, I don’t see the need to use a moisturizing shampoo if your hair doesn’t need one, I mean this would leave your hair looking and feeling dirtier than it originally was. Your hairdresser is the best person to ask for advice on the products that will best suit your hair texture and all.

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5th misconception: Men done need to use any conditioner

The duty of a conditioner on the hair is so much more than making it look shiny and feeling soft, the use of conditioner after shampooing also help closes the hair cuticles and help reduce the damage that is made to the man’s hair.

6th misconception: Men do not need to brush their hair

This misconception is absolutely erroneous. If you ask me, I would tell you that it is more effective than using one’s fingers because this discourages the flow of blood on the scalp. This helps to gives you a much healthier hair he says “you should not press down too hard on your hair, this could result in exasperating the surface.

7th misconception: Men do not need to blow-dry their hair

The perfect toolkit for the job

Denman Natural Bristle Small Grooming Brush with its bristles that are staggered, enabling you dispense your hair natural oils allowing your hair to look healthy.


Spritz  TreSemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray. using this product on damp hair before blow-drying the hair will help prevent hair damage

Another product is the VS Sassoon Milano 2220 AC Professional Dryer that has got a very effective motor to dry a damp hair as quickly as possible, it was made in Italy.