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An Absolute Guide Getting The Most Use Of Your Fragrance

You see the fragrance you use tells a lot about you and picking out a cologne that suits you can at times be a tedious task, and when you find a good one, another task is making it last, yes! I know, but smelling good feels good. Listed below some simple rules that will most certainly help you make the most of your fragrance.

  1. Aim and shoot

We took a little trip to consult our fragrance curator for menscarekit, Liam Sardea and during our sessions, Liam said ” two to the neck and one to the wrist rule is acceptable,” but my dear this all depends on the fragrance you use. If you are wearing an eau de toilette like the Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Tonic EDT or say an Eau de parfum such as Burberry Mr. Burberry EDP then two to 3 spritzes is good enough, without overwhelming your fellow commuters with your sent.

2. It doesn’t have to sting

After shaving, when you applying your cologne the sting you get due to irritation can be prevented by using an unscented moisturizer, allowing it to settle a few minutes before applying your cologne. This little process will help you to protect the integrity of your epidermal barrier.

3. Smart Application

Liam Sardea says that “there are certain fragrances that cause what is called photosensitivity, this type of allergy is one which is triggered by sunlight. When certain fragrances are applied on the skin and that part of the skin is exposed to UV radiation, if you are one of such people you should avoid applying cologne on these parts of your skin, rather you spray on your chest area or the clothes will be a better option.

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