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A top fashion brand tight, it gives the modern fit and a streamlined athletic look, made of cotton/polyester for reduced pilling and shrinkage. The super-soft fleece champion sweatpants in a classic retro style.

When your home smells good, you feel good; with scented candles you get various fragrances. (Think notes of peppermint and cranberry for Wisconsin, or bourborn and praline for Kentucky). It leaves a mark that you will not forget in a hurry.

Is your guy heavily bearded or mildly? He needs a hydrating wash, styling kit. It probably would be the best kit to give to a guy, I assure you, it comes with a boar bristle brush to smooth unruly hairs.

Every man needs a wallet and if he already has a wallet he needs a card holder, this card holder comes with a nice leather body, and it is not as expensive has it looks, I am sure he would love it.

One of the most loved but yet common gifts to give to any man, and they do have lot of them so if you he needs an upgrade, you can get him a fun patterned and ultra-comfortable pair.

If he works out then you can get him a Happy Plug headphones, the added motivation will make all the difference, they come in a lot of colors prints, from marble to green etc.

There is nothing like having a beanie cap, to keep you cozyed up at night, it is a 100{0493930cd43ee498931a21789623aa4ee0cbd95d03b4b16e434d52ea71863e18} Acrylic Knit cap.

If he likes to drink, I am sure he would love this kit. It comes packed with a 24pz. Shaker, a built-in strainer; the twisted bar spoon, and an illustration guide.

Hell if you are so undecided you can simply just get him an RXBar, they are very tasty, made from ingredients such as egg whites, dates and nuts. It can serve as a quick post work out snack for the added boost of energy

Is he the athletic type, has he resolved to run the 5k, or maybe a simple workout that is more frequent? Well this handy calendar will help him organize his training sessions and stick to his goals.

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