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Chris Hemsworth and the 60’s Stache

Pulling off certain looks isn’t quite easy as many would think and the mere fact that some can carry any style perfectly is brave. One of such persons is Chris Hemsworth and his stache as an everyday look.

For some time now the Australian actor has been growing a full beard, but recently he has decided to go for a more dangerous 60s stache.  I must say that this has got a lot of people talking and feeling envious by how well he carries it.

Check out this video showing when Chris stopped his stylist Luca Vannella who initially got things started, before Chris took the clippers to finish off the new look, after which he took to Instagram showing off the new look. The video he captioned “Trying to find the look for Bad Times at the  El Royale written and directed by Drew Goddard.”

Not so many people like the mo. But Chris has carried it well and bravely I might add, turning others into fans of the new look, with this I can confidently say he can pull anything off.

The questions I am sure that’s lingering at the back of your minds is, is this the new dangerous look? Is it going to be a trend? Who knows it just might, all thanks to Chris.

So if you like this facial hair look then I am sure you would like more tips on how to grow beards with your man.

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