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A lot of men shy away from wearing makeup and the ones that do, never admit to it. David Beckham was caught having a go at his wife’s makeup kit.

Vitoria Beckham in an interview with Elle during the discussion about her makeup collaboration with Estee Lauder where she confessed to her husband dabbling in the dark arts of makeup. In her own words, she said “ David does steal my beauty products, it doesn’t annoy me. He looks so beautiful!” she said with a smile.

In the world where celebrities live, makeup is a norm; here you find that men undergo light powdering or the application of concealer but all of this is for the camera. However, when it comes to the real world David Beckham is leading the charge for men who use makeup as a part of their daily lives whenever they feel like it.

I have always wondered why men wouldn’t want all that magic of wearing makeup that women experience, such as the lit-from-within look, brighter eyes, or the perfectly contoured cheekbones. I know that will still take a long time even before 50 percent of men see it as a norm, but when you have someone like David Beckham leading the charge, that future probably will come sooner than later.

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