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Picking the Right Valentine Gift For whatever Dating stage that you are at

Picking a Valentine’s Day gift can be a daunting task, being worried if they would love it, never being able to decide if you should splash out, or probably break the bank? Funny, then you have to consider how long you guys have dated for and you wonder if getting a gift is even necessary.

It does not matter how long you have dated as long as the 14th of February approaches, you start to feel the stress of shopping for that particular day. Even worse is the lot of people who don’t even have the time to take out of their busy schedules and be creative to think of the right gift not to even talk of the perfect gift.

But the good thing is you never have to worry about that, because we have taken out the time to interview relationship experts, and we have been able to gather a lot of Intel, on how you can spoil rotten your loved one at whatever stage of your relationship that you are at. Taking a step further we have found a way to make the whole process much easier by telling you exactly what can be delivered right at your door step.

The Uncertain Relationship (are we even dating yet?)

I was able to interview Dr. Kathryn Smerling, and she suggested that when individuals find themselves in an uncertain stage of a relationship, and they feel the need to get gifts for each other, it should be a small but yet thoughtful gift.

She says “If you’re still getting to know someone you don’t want to scare them off, but you don’t want to avoid getting anything altogether because they might see that as a sign of disinterest”.

She added that you could get some playful but yet humorous, say a snacks or a pretty coffee mug, cup-cakes, etc would do the trick. I mean who wouldn’t want to get mad at a scented candle or a gift-card for a mani/pedi. I once got a comfortable slippers to wear at home, I loved it. All these give the sense of I think about; and also a sense of humor

You Have Been Seeing Each Other for a Few Months now

Now this is where things go further Dr Smerling says “ that you should know them well enough by now to know what they enjoy or don’t enjoy.

At this point you can get her say a perfume sampler set, ladies love those or, say a fancy coffee table book by an artist she loves. You see ladies are mostly much intuitive so you could get her a cozy throw to keep her warm and thinking of you this winter

Say it is a guy, you should think of practical stuffs that are obvious, you could consider investing in a beard balm, or a classic grooming set; better still a home brewing beer kit, you could never go wrong.

The We’ve Been together for a Year now Type

At this point you notch things up a bit and make it spicier, you are free to splash on her as long as it doesn’t make you go bankrupt. You could get her the expensive designer bag she has had her eye on for a while, or a rose gold set of headphones; probably a modest piece of jewelry would do the trick.

For the men, a memorable “we made it to a year” stage gift would be nice, or a favorite album you both can listen together, hell! If he likes films and photography you get him a GoPro or Fuji instax

The Long Term Relationship

Now this is the point where you feel you have reached a milestone, you know? You can splurge a little

Dr Smerling says ‘If you’re in the tie-the-knot phase, a vintage watch for him and a diamond bracelet for her. Also a meaningful work of art that you can both enjoy as a special item for the home you may be living in.’

For the Ten-year period

When you get to this point, it is safe to say you are way above the trying to impress stage although this is needed to keep the spark-up, but you no longer need to splurge unless you want to.

You see when you have spent a decade together this is a reason to celebrate; you should mark the time and create more memories you know you do something that will last. You could get her a lovely piece of jewelry and she probably get him a nice watch to mark the time, having the jewelry or the watch engraved would most certainly leave the intended mark.

Dr Smerling says “that you should go all-out and spoil one another when you’re in a committed long-term relationship, suggesting a well-earned vacation as a gift”. Or “Surprise them with a passport holder or travel clutch, and then put the plane tickets inside,” she says.

The We are Just Friends type

Valentine is not just about romantic lovers, it is also a time where you show that platonic friend of yours or a family member that you are thinking of them, when it comes to buying a gift for this set of people the rules become different, you could get them an Amazon Echo, or a whimsy, just to keep everyone happy.

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