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The essential male grooming kit


Beards are trending yet again, everyone wants to grow them.  To many it communicates a sturdy image.

Growing and taming a beard

Beards need effort and time to grow them properly: Starting with washing the beards using a beard shampoo and conditioner to keep them looking clean, they need to be adequately taken care of else they tend to smell,  but using beard oil regularly keeps it smelling fresh. To keep them in soft condition you need to use beard balm oil. For those who prefer lengthy beards you need to get them trimmed at least once in every 2 – 4 weeks using a Badger Brush (specifically for beards) so as to remove knots. James Kemsley has been a barber for 16 years and owns The Kemsley Barber Company in Hertfordshire and Tailored & Groomed in Essex and says: “Depending on the length of your beard, if you wear a shirt regularly I’d recommend a beard trim with a clipper every seven to ten days to keep it fresh. Clean and sharpen the edges with a wet shave to complete the look.


One of best clippers out there to use is the WAHL Envoy. It works on and off the cord, its chrome plated blades make for a powerful light weight professional styling tool. Especially for those older men who prefer doing it at home The hair evolves with age and this tool is best clipper out there any day any time to handle any type of hair texture out there, its high precision snap on/off and it is rust resistant. Hairdresser Errol Douglas MBE ( is fan of at-home hair clippers for older men and says: “As we get older the texture and natural direction of hair evolves, so I particularly like the versatility of the WAHL Envoy.

Men’s hair problems fixed


As men get older they tend to lose hair on their head but gain it in their ears and nose. Such is the unfairness of life. Research shows that most men go bald. But there is a difference between losing hair and going bald. Based on years of research it is discovered that as men age they lose hair on their head but gain it in their ears and nose, such unfairness So take note one of the things you should look out for those of us over ages of 50 are the ear and nasal hair. Personally I recommend the PANASONIC TRIMMER, the shaving sensor  determines beard density and power is automatically controlled to provide powerful cutting where your beard is heavy and soft cutting where its tin. This reduces the burden on your skin for a gentle shave it is efficient  and stress free it can be used wet or dry such amazing technology. Make-up artist Kenneth Soh ( who has worked with celebrities such as Hugh Laurie says: “As a make-up artist and men’s grooming expert, one of the things I keep a look out for when working with models or celebrities over a certain age is nasal and ear hair.

Do you need a safe & effective solution that fights hair loss and also helps regrow your own hair naturally?
Male Pattern Hair Loss, also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, affects millions of men every single year, it has no bias on who it targets.
Hair is important to us, it gives us confidence and allows us to look our best and boost our self-esteem in social environments and encounters.
The age you experience this type of hair loss varies for most men, a very small percent of men will go through life without experiencing any symptoms of Alopecia. There are various types of hair loss symptoms, some of the most common ones are:

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