The unexpected makeup style of Chris Pratt

The unique method with which Chris Pratt applies his make-up has caught the attention of many. At first, the media was in a frenzy about David Beckham’s make-up and now its Chirs Pratt’s turn. Our focus here isn’t just about the fact that he uses make-up, but mostly on the technique.

A while back during a make-up session with his hairstylist, Bridget Brager, Chris shared a video on his Instagram page which he captioned ” When I get delirious on these press tours I like to do my own make-up by having @bridgetbragerhair hold the make-up sponge and I dance my face pretty. Thank you to @theweeknd for writing this song which if I tweak the lyrics a little bit allows me to pretend it’s about #starlord #passengersmovie.”