What Beard Style Is Right For You?

Want to grow a beard? Have you decided on what style you want? Long, short, even a mustache? I want you to know that there are plenty of styles out there that one can pick from. Distinct face shapes call for different beard styles, the same way, not every hairstyle will suit you, beards are not one size-fits-all so brush up on your knowledge and trim any chances of picking an unflattering beard style. Michael O’ Malley says “More than your clothes, the way you groom the hair on your face is going to tell people what you’re all about, so read on and find out what the most popular beard styles tell the world, and who they work for.


Your beard style says a lot about your persona, the long and pointy beard gives you a sturdy image, shows that you’re mature, good-looking, confident and courageous this is a trendy style. A lot of people do not know how to style long beards to match their face in order to give that heroic image of independence.  According to a seminal study carried out by Robert J. Pellegrini, a psychologist discovered that “the male beard communicates resourceful pioneer, ready, willing and able to do manly things.  Pulling this style off could take from six weeks to six months depending on the rate at which your facial hair grows. Remember to regularly apply beard oil or beard moisturizer to keep the hair healthy.


The boxed beard gets its name from the “boxy”, it follows along the jaw. On the facial hair scale, this is a tidy beard style; it is the savvy option for those who cannot commit to a full beard. So give yourself a cool new, transformed look  that is perfect for any professional out there, once your beards are neatly maintained short and thick, it makes it acceptable in almost any office environment, it gives you a distinct advantage because people tend to think you are smarter and more successful. They can be trimmed and tidy using clippers on the lowest settings as needed, make them soft by simply applying beard grooming routine. A survey study carried out on academicians at several universities in the UK found that full professors were “significantly more heavily bearded” than those with lesser titles. Wondering how to go about creating this look, O’ Malley says “use the center of your face as the dividing mark, and mirror your shaving on either side.” Once you have achieved the overall length you desire, shape the beard by using lower guard along the base and higher one at the sides to achieve a more angular profile.


Scruffy beard is a beard style that makes you look manly; it gives you an off unkempt, rugged look that looks great on any man looking for beard styles that will make him look tough and attractive to anyone you encounter. It works better than any pick up line you could come up with, “a study in the Journal Evolution and Human Behavior shows that out of a range of bearded and clean-shaven looks, women consistently chose the heavy-stubble style as the one that are most sexually attracted to. This particular beard style does not involve so much effort and time to be put into it, O’Malley says “ it’s usually about a week to 10days out from when you stop shaving,” the toughest part us to make it through days on to five, when the itchiness of new growth will have you second-guessing yourself.


Let your facial hair grow out, once that’s done and you have in mind what you want to try, stop shaving and let the facial hair below your chin, around your mouth, and below your nose grow out, shave the outline; you can start from the neck by making small cuts with a trimmer blade and den you shape your goatee.  For those of you trying so hard to grow facial hairs quickly, oil, dirt, and dead skin can create an impossible thick barricade for your hair follicles to break through; a person can grow facial hair faster if they consistently keep it clean by washing their face with warm water and a gentle facial cleanser twice daily (morning and evening). “never let the hair extends past the crases at the side of your mouth” says O’ Malley A lot of people associate this style with unwillingness to commit; they say it’s a barely-there style; still some say this style should have died in the ‘90s, but it is a trendsetter for art lovers, motor-cycle riders this beard style has a mixed association of people and this indicates the versatile appeal that is generated by this look.


The mustache is a facial hair below the lower lip on the front chin, a style of facial hair achieved by growing all beard components (sideburns, front, sides, mustache etc.). Growing it out might take time, but the results are worth it in the end. O’ Malley says “the mustache is one of those styles that really comes in and out of vogue,” “it is the guys who stick with the look no matter what is trendy that really represents the old school romantic notions of what a mustache us all about.” Grow out your facial hair first, then go see your barber, if he tells you the look is okay for your face, then go ahead once the beard is long enough shave out the beard hair and style the mustache that remains, comb it when your mustache is long enough to comb, comb it regularly and create a part by combing the hair from under the nose to the left and to the right respectively, you must remember to wax it, twist and shape it and use beard moisturizer. But if your barber says this isn’t the look for you, you should listen to your barber.


The chinstrap is one of the most popular beard styles amongst men; it is a facial hair style that pulls out from one side of the face to the other passing though he jawline and the chin, this beard style has been in vogue since the 18th century and is still very popular even today.  In spite of opinions that this chin strap style should be on the way out, its popularity keep blazing trails. This beard style looks better on men with angular or wide faces, and as a rule, the broader your face the wider the chinstrap should be O’ Malley says “men wearing this beard style tend to be into guy things, like cars and lifting weights, but it is also a sign that they are responsible and can follow a schedule, because otherwise, the look won’t work. While this style may look amazing, it is one of the most challenging to maintain because it needs regular upkeep. To have that sleek look, you need to regularly have trimming sessions with your barber at least twice a week so that he can help clean up the lines.

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